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Hello! I'm Jo

If you scratch below the surface, you will find anything to do with the feminine that holds power is ridiculed and manipulated by patriarchy – menstruation, childbirth, breastfeeding. Our innate anatomy and physiology used against us as we are made to distrust our instincts and hand over our power.

My life experiences have taken me on a journey of unlearning and rediscovering that which has been hidden, eroded and taken away from us, to limit our power and prevent us from rising up and experiencing the magnificence of this life.

Growing up I fought against many ideals of society, found yoga, had a spiritual awakening and changed the course of my life. I had no interest in becoming a mother until my late 20s and so consequently when I became pregnant, I knew next to nothing about pregnancy, birth or babies! Growing another life inside of me was the catalyst for many changes.

My interest in spirituality and holistic health & wellness grew and I eventually left my job in the NHS to pursue this path, starting with reflexology, after understanding how beneficial the therapy is in supporting all the amazing physiology of Woman.

My journey from PAIN to PLEASURE

When choosing to birth within the system (yes this is a CHOICE), it is imperative that you are fully informed, understand your rights and find a team that you trust. After experiencing a beautiful yet painful birth with my first child and having had a caesarean birth with my second, I had some work to do. I was determined to give birth vaginally again but I was up against my own fears from the first birth, societal mindsets and hospital policies. I had some inner work to do which would consist of learning to trust in my body and in the innate birthing process. I found an amazing midwife and trusted in her to support my choices. The two midwives who ended up attending the birth were phenomenal, they were fully aware of and respected my decision to have an active labour with minimal interference, giving me divine massages, observing and communicating with me only when absolutely necessary.

When the day arrived, I felt prepared and excited. I arrived at the birthing centre and the contractions intensified, there was no time to wait for a room with a pool as I had planned.


With each contraction I used the power of the breath, and instead of fighting and resisting the pain, I was able to recognise and surrender to each sensation that pulsated through my body. I felt like I was in a magical, sacred, safe space and this feeling allowed me to go deeper into the primal power that is within us all during childbirth.

There was a point when I was felt like I was in another dimension of space and time, feeling into each sensation as it flowed through my body and out of nowhere, pleasurable feelings started to rise up in my body as what I can only describe as orgasmic or ecstatic! and then like someone flipped a switch, I was back to reality, ready to bring my child earthside in overwhelming flood of happy hormones.

Your body holds the blueprint to experiencing a birth that has the power to transform your life and change the world.

Trust, believe, surrender and breathe.

trust believe surrender breathe

I am a registered member of the Association of Reflexologists, you can find my listing on their website

My Therapist Qualifications

Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology CPD

Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method) CPD

Facial Cupping CPD

Facial Treatments CPD

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