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"Birth is not only about making babies. Its about making mothers; strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength"


Hello & Welcome! 

To find a woman who has had a positive birth experience is few and far between, and that's not ok! Your birth experience is important and I am here to support and guide you towards an empowering, positive experience and provide you with holistic antenatal care, respectful of your individual needs and preferences.

Jo xo

Holistic Pregnancy Care

Maternity reflexology is a safe and natural way to support your health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy and to prepare for birth. Regular treatments help to optimise your physical and emotional health as your body undergoes a myriad of changes, allowing you to more easily tap in your divine feminine power and the innate wisdom of your body. I focus on providing nurturing blissful treatments to ease any discomforts, giving you time and space to deeply connect to your body and your baby.  Simple lifestyle advice may be recommended to support your wellbeing along with the provision of antenatal handouts to empower you on your pregnancy journey. 

Pregnancy Packages

Full Pregnancy Package

Third Trimester Package

Postnatal Package

birth time
Watch Birth Time
The award-winning documentary shining a light on the maternity system

What are thoughts around childbirth? How was your experience of birth? Did your birth happen to you or did you feel in control? Childbirth is a rite of passage; something that should be honoured and celebrated. When your experience of childbirth leaves you traumatised (physically, emotionally, or both), in despair or disappointed, its sets a precedent for how you enter motherhood. This HAS to change!  Every woman should have a positive experience of birth, it is vital for your wellbeing and that of your children. Birth Time is an incredible documentary of what birth was, what it is now and what it could be! Click on the image or follow the link to the trailer here.

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