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Positive Birth Preparation

Image by Isaac Quesada

Maternity reflexology is a beautiful therapy during pregnancy and can be safely received throughout all three trimesters. Read more about this wonderful therapy here. 

Treatments are adapted depending on the stage of pregnancy and will help to prepare you for a positive and joyful birth.

8 treatments / £465

Treatments can start from the first trimester onwards, weekly or more spread out, depending on your baby's estimated due date. Priming will begin from 37 weeks.

If you are already in your third trimester, this is the package for you:

5 treatments from 35 weeks / £300

Treatment Locations in South London:

Naked Hare, Brixton

Revive Yoga, Balham

Weekly reflexology treatments will help to relax your body, mind and spirits to accept the inevitable process of birth and prepare the endocrine system for its vital role in labour. 

If you go into labour before you have completed the 5 treatments, they can be used for sublime, nurturing and restorative postnatal reflexology treatments!

Maternity reflexology packages can be booked for home visits in South and Central London, please contact me for prices. 

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