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Recommended Resources


Birth Time is a multi-award winning documentary shining a light on the maternity system which was produced in Australia but is relevant worldwide. Discussing birth in the context of the maternity system, the patriarchy, feminism, money, culture, human rights and featuring interviews with mothers and fathers about their birth experiences and many people from the birth world including Dr. Rachel Reed and Milli Hill of the Positive Birth Movement. It's a really beautiful and powerful film that everyone should watch! Warning - expect a flood of tears but also lots of laughs! 








Birth Time is available as a rental for 48 hours. I have partnered with Birth Time so that you can watch this multi-award winning documentary at 20% off. Click on this link and use the code CICADA20 at the checkout.


PREGNANCY & BIRTH WEBSITES - A fantastic independent not-for-profit charity supporting women and families to achieve the birth they want.


For a lists of books I recommend check out this link:



The Midwives' Cauldron

The Soul Mama Podcast

Taking Back Birth

Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

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