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Foot Massage

Reflexology is all about balance; perfectly supporting all of the powerful & transformative processes occurring in women, by reconnecting you to the wisdom of your body to heal naturally.​

With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflexology has evolved into a modern day holistic practice, settling the body into a dream-like sleep as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, through reflex points on the feet. 

reflexology foot map

There are many theories of reflexology up for debate and what is clear to me is this:

  • over 7200 nerve endings in the feet are stimulated in a treatment which send messages through the neural pathways, increasing blood flow, oxygen and energy. 

  • our very existence can be broken down to atoms, we are energy. Energy/qi flows through us and is in a constant state of change. When your qi is blocked, the body falls out of balance, making it harder to heal. Reflexology gives the body a helping hand to clear the blocked pathways, energizing the body and improving symptoms. 

  • the power of touch cannot be underestimated. Reflexology activates the mechanoreceptors in the feet through various types of touch resulting in enhanced body awareness, pain relief, hedonic pleasure and homeostasis. 

  • Not everyone can sense it, but I have worked with many people who can feel a direct calming effect in the corresponding body part when a reflex is stimulated. fMRI studies in Japan have also shown the corresponding part of the brain light up when the reflex is stimulated which is incredible. 

Regular treatments can rebalance hormones and settle your nervous system, resulting in you feeling:

  • nourished, nurtured and supported.

  • centred and grounded.

  • a renewed sense of vitality.

  • more able to embrace your femininity and sensuality.

Reflexology is intended to treat the person as a whole, not your condition. During a session you will have a safe and confidential space to discuss any problems. Each treatment is personalised to you depending on medical history and your needs and goals. 

Reflexology is not a tool for diagnosis of conditions or illnesses and should never replace medical advice. 

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