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8 weekly reflexology sessions & nutrition support focused on nurturing, balancing and harmonising your mind, body & spirit to restore your entire system and encourage your body to heal after pregnancy and birth.

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Rock Balancing

The postpartum period should be a time of deep restoration so that you can fully recover from birth and thrive. You have just given birth to life! Congratulations mama. 

In todays world, new mothers are too often left struggling; exhausted from birth, sleep deprived and emotionally and/or physically traumatised. The first six weeks after birth are time for you and your body to recover from the birth, but there is such an emphasis on this six-week mark that women are expected to bounce back and immediately get on with their new life as a parent. Its simply not like this! The postpartum period may go on for some mothers for much longer. Worldwide, a common theme among mothers is one of stress, depletion and isolation. 

RESTORE is suitable for all types of births. Learn more about postnatal reflexology here.


This is for you if

  • you want to lay strong foundations for your motherhood journey by investing now in your emotional and physical health and wellbeing. 

  • you had a traumatic or disempowering birth and are in need of some deep restoration to help you recover and heal on an emotional and physical level. 

  • you are experiencing physical discomfort after birth. 

  • you are experiencing postnatal anxiety or depression and would like additional support with reflexology to calm and settle your mind. 

What is involved?         

  • Initial online consultation to discuss your birth and intentions for motherhood. 

  • 8 weekly reflexology sessions designed to nurture, balance and harmonise your mind, body & spirit to restore your entire system and encourage the body to heal.

  • Treatments tailored to you, to support your body as it returns to a non-pregnant state. 

  • Nutrition support from clinical nutritionist, mindfulness expert and somatic coach Amanda Ashy. Included is an initial 30 minute consultation with a Wellness Plan plus Voxer support for two weeks offering support, accountability, answering personal questions that might come up. 

  • A follow up nutritional consultation will take place around six weeks after the initial call. This will be another 30 minute check in, with an updated Wellness Plan to follow.


£599 (Therapy Rooms In Brixton or Balham*)

£675 (Home Visits*)

*Your nutrition consultations will take place online. 

Surcharge may apply for home visits depending on location.

Payment plans available over 2 or 3 months.

If you're not 100% if this is the right program for you or you would like any further details, please book a clarity call to have a chat with Jo.

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