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8 weekly treatments of reflexology to guide you back to a healthy mind, body and spirit so you can get back to being YOU - living your life, empowered, connected and free. 

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What to expect

  • an initial consultation to discuss your motherhood journey to date, intentions and treatment plan.

  • 8 weekly postnatal reflexology sessions designed to support and restore your energy and vitality. 

this is for you if...

  • motherhood has taken its toll on you and literally wiped you out. 

  • you have nothing left to give and have a family who needs you. 

  • the mental load has become too much to deal with and you need a break. 

  • you are ready to prioritise YOUR health and wellness so that you can care for your family. 

  • your hormones are all over the place and you need a wellness plan to balance and restore your health and vitality. 

What you'll get:

  • Initial online consultation to discuss current health and lifestyle and intentions for the sessions. 

  • 8 weekly reflexology sessions with holistic advice for footcare and wellbeing, including any recommendations for anything else that may be of benefit on your healing journey. 

  • Hand reflexology homework for deeper integration between sessions.



Payment Plans available.

Not 100% sure if its for you? Book a clarity call and have a chat with me.

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