Do you know how capable you are? Childbirth and motherhood has taught me so much about myself. Women are incredibly powerful, magnificent beings, but this power has been handed over, taken away, eroded and dampened down through the patriarchal construct we find ourselves in. The messages around women and childbirth that have been woven into society create fear and shame and send a message to women that they are not capable or trustworthy and must be helped and guided at every step. 

This fear-based narrative doesn't serve you. When you live in fear of anything in your life, it creates tension and stress, takes away your power and limits possibilities. 


Trust, believe, surrender and breathe

I will support you with reflexology to help unlock any tension and stress, allowing you to feel into your body, be open to possibilities and feel capable (YES!) and empowered as you walk this motherhood journey. You will be able to reconnect to your innate body wisdom and inner power and embrace your life, at whatever stage of motherhood you are at.

RECLAIM - Preconception and pregnancy

RESTORE - postnatal nurture and nourishment

REVIVE - motherhood revival. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez