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Three Women

Pregnancy & Postnatal Reflexology

Reconnect to your inner power

"Birth is not only about making babies. Its about making mothers; strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength"


reflexology packages for thriving in motherhood

Are you pregnant or planning a family & want to prepare for  a positive, joyful, ecstatic birth? Head over to RECLAIM!

Take charge of your postnatal recovery health & wellbeing with RESTORE

Has motherhood depleted your energy, health & vitality? REVIVE is for you.

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Reclaim childbirth and transform your birth experience from pain to pleasure, from fear to freedom, from trauma to transformation!




Balance and harmonise your mind, body & spirit to restore your entire system and encourage your body to heal after pregnancy and birth.



For when motherhood take its toll and just wipes you out.

Emerge full  of vitality as your bodys innate healing processes are ignited. 


Preparing for Birth

Birth is always an unknown, we cannot predict the outcome or know what may happen along the way, but I have found after three births that preparation goes a long way to increasing the chances of a positive birth experience, regardless of the type of birth. This can mean different things for each woman but is ultimately about developing self-trust and connecting to the innate bodily wisdom already inside of you. 

It is my vision for every birthing woman to have a positive birth experience where YOU are in control of the birth of YOUR baby. With the right preparation, common knowledge of birth, understanding of the maternity system (and knowing your rights within this system), an appropriate set of skills, rest and relaxation, your chances of having a positive (and potentially ecstatic!) birth will be greatly enhanced.

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I recommend Birthing Better birth preparation courses as this is the course I followed previous to my ecstatic birth experience! Comprehensive courses full of the wisdom of all the families who contributed towards them. They have courses for every type of birth with videos included so you can practice at home whenever suits you and your birthing partner.

Watch Birth Time
The award-winning documentary shining a light on the maternity system

What was your experience of birth? Did your birth happen to you or did you feel in control? Childbirth is a rite of passage; something that should be honoured and celebrated. When your experience of childbirth leaves you traumatised (physically, emotionally, or both), in despair or disappointed, its sets a precedent for how you enter motherhood. This HAS to change! 

Every woman should have a positive experience of birth, it is vital for your wellbeing and that of your children. Birth Time is an incredible documentary of what birth was, what it is now and what it could be!

Click on the image or follow the link to the trailer here.

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