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I support women, through the practice of reflexology, to reconnect to their innate wisdom and divine feminine power during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Pregnancy Reflexology

Reconnect to your innate birthing wisdom

Regular reflexology in pregnancy can help to create a calm and peaceful environment for you and your baby and increase the chances of a positive birth, by deeply relaxing the body and mind.

Home visits available in South West London including Brixton, Balham and Clapham and parts of Central London. 


“I had the best sleep of my pregnancy so far last night. Thank you so much; I've no doubt your magic hands were responsible!"


“Thank you so much for all of the reflexology during my pregnancy - especially the session the night before I was induced. I'm sure that is why it happened nice and quick!"


Birthing Better

Birth is always an unknown, we cannot predict the outcome or know what may happen along the way, but I have found after three births that preparation goes a long way to increasing the chances of a positive birth experience, regardless of the type of birth. This can mean different things for each woman but is ultimately about developing self-trust and connecting to the innate bodily wisdom already inside of you. Reconnecting to your innate birthing wisdom can involve unpacking cultural narratives, personal beliefs, experiences, systems and stories. So much of the narrative around birth is negative and fear-based which takes away your power and ability to tap into your innate wisdom. 

It is my vision for every birthing woman to have a positive birth experience where you are in control of the birth of your baby. With the right preparation, common knowledge of birth, understanding of the maternity system (and knowing your rights within this system), an appropriate set of skills, rest and relaxation, I believe that the chances of having a positive birth are greatly enhanced.

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The birth preparation course that I recommend is one I personally used in 2016 by Birthing Better; a not-for-profit charitable trust in New Zealand, previously known as the Pink Kit. Birthing Better offer truly comprehensive courses covering the physiology of birth, coping skills, coaching skills and more for every type of birth with videos included. This course enabled me to embody skills to help me to cope better during birth. From home, I could practice at a time to suit me and my partner. During the birth of my third daughter, I actively used the skills I learnt on this course which was so empowering. I know how effective they are and I know that spending the time to really embody these practices, made all the difference to me. My third daughters birth was an incredible experience on so many levels. You too, can learn these skills and increase your chances of a positive birth!

Watch Birth Time
The award-winning documentary shining a light on the maternity system

What was your experience of birth? Did your birth happen to you or did you feel in control? Childbirth is a rite of passage; something that should be honoured and celebrated. When your experience of childbirth leaves you traumatised (physically, emotionally, or both), in despair or disappointed, its sets a precedent for how you enter motherhood. This HAS to change! 

Every woman should have a positive experience of birth, it is vital for your wellbeing and that of your children. Birth Time is an incredible documentary of what birth was, what it is now and what it could be! Check out the trailer here.

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Trust, believe, surrender, breathe;

A mantra for birth, a mantra for life!