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The Fourth Trimester 

Congratulations! You have just given BIRTH TO LIFE! The first month is so precious; also known as the Golden Month, this is the time when you need to be held, supported, loved, adored! There are some cultures across the world that recognise the importance of holding the mother after birth as they understand the impact it has on her children, family and community. It is SO important to prioritise YOUR needs and nurture yourself as you care for your new baby/ies. Sleep deprivation and depression can be avoided if you take the time to look after YOU and invest in your emotional and physical recovery now.

The first six weeks after birth are time for you and your body to recover from the birth, but there is such an emphasis on this six-week mark that women are expected to bounce back and get on with their new life as a parent. Its simply not like this! Depending on the type of birth you experienced, the postpartum period may go on for some mothers for much longer. Worldwide, a common theme among mothers is one of stress, depletion and isolation. We need to pull together in our communities, support each other and not be afraid to ask for help, offer help or accept help, from day 1. This is the time to call in all favours. Ask friends and family to help cook meals and help with the school run. Do not be too proud to do this or except any help that is offered to you.


What is Postnatal Reflexology?

Postnatal reflexology is a holistic therapy that naturally supports your recovery after birth as you adjust to further changes in body, mind and spirit and return to a non-pregnant state. The type of birth you experienced will impact significantly on your recovery period and state of mind following the birth of your baby/ies and if any issues are not dealt with in the early stages, they can lead to health issues later on down the line. Prioritising your health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance now that you have a tiny human to take care of. 

Postnatal conditions that can be supported with reflexology following birth:

  • Pregnancy blues, feeling emotional.

  • Postpartum anxiety.

  • Recovery from caesarean section.

  • Breastfeeding issues: engorged breasts/mastitis/encourage & stimulating lactation.

  • Haemorrhoids. 

  • Digestive complaints including constipation. 

  • Rebalance hormones.

  • Promote restful sleep.

Image by Zach Lucero

The benefits of postnatal reflexology

  • Treatments will nourish, nurture and support your body as it adjusts to its pre-pregnant state.

  • Treatments can  encourage and support lactation, if this is what you need by supporting the hormones involved in this process.

  • Encourage the flow of the digestive & lymphatic system

  • Promote healthy, restful sleep (even if you aren't getting much!).

If you are ready to invest in your postnatal recovery, check out RESTORE

8 weekly reflexology sessions focused on nurturing, balancing and harmonising your mind, body & spirit to restore your entire system and encourage your body to heal after pregnancy and birth.

Not sure if this is right for you? Book a 45 minute introductory treatment for £50 before signing up to the 8 weeks. If you decide to book RESTORE, this will be refunded from the cost of the program. 

Questions & Answers

When should I come for a treatment?

Reflexology is an accessible treatment immediately following  birth with the first or third days after birth being the best time for your first session postnatally to support the hormonal changes taking place. Home visits are recommended during the first two weeks, at least.

Can I bring my baby?

Absolutely! I would encourage this unless you really need a break. Your baby can lie on your chest and you can feed when you need to. They tend to love the treatments as well and typically fall asleep. 

What will happen during the session?

Prior to your first session I will send you a consultation form or we can go over this at the appointment. Your first session will include plenty of relaxation to help you readjust, rebalance & encourage the body to return to a non-pregnant state & empower you as you embark on your new journey as mother. At the first appointment we will discuss a treatment plan to support you moving forward. You are more than welcome to tell your birth story. Many women find this to be a really carthatic process and I encourage you to write it down as well.

If you have any other questions, please send me an email. 

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