Postnatal Reflexology
Image by Eilis Garvey

Post-Natal Reflexology / The Fourth Trimester 

Congratulations! The first month is so precious; also known as the Golden Month, this is the time when you need to be held, supported, loved, adored! You have just given BIRTH TO LIFE! There are some cultures across the world that recognise the importance of holding the mother as they understand the impact it has on her children, family and community. It is SO important to prioritise YOUR needs and nurture yourself as you care for your new baby/ies. Sleep deprivation and depression are not fun but they can be avoided if you take the time to look after YOU and invest in your emotional and physical recovery.

Postnatal Reflexology is a holistic therapy which naturally supports you as you adjust to further changes in body, mind and spirit and return to a non-pregnant state.

The first six weeks after birth are time for you and your body to recover from the birth, but there is such an emphasis on this six-week mark that women are expected to bounce back and get on with their new life as a parent. Its simply not like this! The postpartum period may go on for some mothers for much longer. Worldwide, a common theme among mothers is one of stress, depletion and isolation. We need to pull together in our communities, support each other and not be afraid to ask for help, offer help or accept help, from day 1. This is the time to call in all favours. Ask friends and family to help cook meals and help with the school run. Do not be too proud to do this or except any help that is offered to you.

  • The first or third days after birthing are the best time for your first session postnatally to support the hormonal changes taking place. 

  • Home visits are recommended during the first two weeks, at least!

  • Your first session will include plenty of relaxation to help you readjust, rebalance & encourage the body to return to a non-pregnant state & empower you as you embark on your new journey as mother.