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Pregnancy Reflexology Packages

for Positive Birth Preparation

Image by Isaac Quesada

Pregnancy and birth is a time of great change for and your family and this can sometimes be difficult to navigate, especially when managing work, children and other responsibilities in life.  Reflexology is a holistic therapy that can be safely received throughout all trimesters of pregnancy and can help to support this transition on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

Regular reflexology treatments will provide you with the most benefits as treatments have a cumulative effect. The body takes time to adjust and pregnancy is a time to honour your body and yourself for all of the changes that will occur over the course of time. Growing a new life inside of you takes a lot of energy and can become stressful when experiencing symptoms such as tiredness, nausea and disrupted sleep. Pregnancy is a time to deeply nurture your changing body among the many challenges that can arise. Regular reflexology treatments will provide you with the time and space to reflect on your journey, connect with your baby/ies and help to prepare you for a positive and joyful birth.


COMING SOON!!! RECLAIM CHILDBIRTH; A 7 week journey with reflexology through the chakras for an empowered and pleasurable birth. Ideal for those ready to dive deep into unconscious beliefs, thoughts and cultural conditioning around birth.


This package is aimed at supporting you throughout the whole of your pregnancy and includes a postnatal visit for some well deserved postnatal nurturing. You can start treatments whenever you feel ready and we can decide on the treatment schedule at the first consultation depending on what stage of pregnancy you are at and how the pregnancy is going. Priming for birth will begin around 37 weeks if you are planning a physiological birth. For those having a caesarean birth, the treatments will continue to focus on relaxation, easing anxiety and whatever else you need. 

What you'll get: 

10 pregnancy reflexology treatments

1 postnatal reflexology home visit

Gorgeous antenatal education handouts from Womb to World Art to support your preparation for birth. 

Recommended Treatment Schedule

One treatment per month in the second trimester, moving onto two treatments per month in the third trimester. Day 1 & day 3 are optimum times for a postnatal treatment, however you are welcome to book when you are ready.



Therapy rooms (Brixton or Balham) £725

Home visits £775



This package will support you throughout the third trimester of pregnancy, easing any aches and pains, settling any anxieties around birth and balancing body, mind and spirit as you head towards the birth of your baby/ies. Priming for birth will begin from 37 weeks (if you are planning a physiological birth) and the package also includes a nurturing postnatal home visit*. 

What you'll get: 

7 pregnancy reflexology treatments 

1 postnatal reflexology home visit

Gorgeous antenatal education handouts from Womb to World Art to support your preparation for birth. 

Recommended Treatment Schedule

Week 27, 31, 35, 37, 39, 40, 41, postnatal (day 1 & day 3 are optimum times for a postnatal treatment, however you are welcome to book when you are ready). 


Therapy Rooms (Brixton or Balham) £515

Home Visits £550

Therapy Room Locations in South London:

Naked Hare, Brixton

Revive Yoga, Balham

Maternity Reflexology home visits available in SW & Central London, please contact me with your postcode, a surcharge will apply if further than 30 mins from Brixton. 

Regular reflexology treatments will help to relax your body, mind and spirit to accept the inevitable process of birth and prepare the endocrine system for its vital role in labour. The sessions offer precious me-time and can help with discomforts, digestive issues, swollen legs and feet and more. A holistic approach to pregnancy will enable you to achieve optimal balance, which be of great benefit in preparation for birth. Treatments are grounding, helping to balance and harmonise your whole being and your baby will benefit too, as your happy, chilled out hormones are shared via the placenta. Read more about pregnancy reflexology here. 

Antenatal education is vital in preparation for a positive birth experience and I so delighted to be able to share with you this information in such a beautiful format, courtesy of Womb to World Art. When you understand how birth works, it helps to reframe any fears you may hold around birth which can be so helpful in changing your experience from negative to positive. 

A full consultation regarding medical history and lifestyle is taken before commencing with treatments (there are some contraindications to treatment - please see below) and before each subsequent treatment, we will run through a checklist to ensure treatments can go ahead. If there is anything that need addressing, the treatment will be rescheduled for another time. Treatments are tailored to your individual needs and concerns to provide you with holistic support at each stage of your pregnancy. 

Reflexology is not a tool for diagnosis of conditions or illnesses and should never replace medical advice. 


What if I have my baby and still have sessions to use?

If you have your baby and still have treatments remaining, they will simply be scheduled for more postnatal reflexology treatments!

What if I find out I need to have a caesarean?

Reflexology is an harmonising and balancing therapy that supports you holistically, therefore it will do wonders regardless of the type of birth you have.

Are there any contraindications for treatment?

Yes, there are a few contraindications for treatment as follows; Pre-eclampsia, pre-term labour, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), placenta praevia (grades II, III or IV and 32 weeks or more), placental abruption, polyhydramnios, oligohydramnios, vaginal bleeding. 

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