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Flow, ecstasy and childbirth

Flow; that freakin' awesome sense of fluidity between body and mind, when you're fully immersed in and deeply focused on the task at hand. Your senses are heightened, you lose track of time and the ego is silenced. You're officially "in the zone". This is the flow state and its accessible to everyone. When you're in it, it can feel like you've transcended all space and time. People tend to describe feeling a sense of ecstasy, fulfilment and clarity, hours passing by in what feels like minutes.

Ecstatic birth is described as a birth that transcends a normal state of being, bringing about a physical and spiritual transformation and resulting in feelings of joy and happiness, many women also report experiencing orgasm. Ecstatic birth is essentially being in a state of flow. All the characteristics of the flow state are at play during birth when a women is left undisturbed.

"Giving birth in ecstasy: This is our birthright and our body's intent. Mother Nature, in her wisdom, prescribes birthing hormones that take us outside (ec) our usual state (stasis), so that we can be transformed on every level as we enter motherhood". Dr Sarah Buckley.

Practising being a flow state during pregnancy may help you to access it in birth and can be an integral part of your preparation for birth and motherhood. This can transform your experience in a truly positive way. If you struggle to get into flow, practices like meditation, mindfulness and reflexology can help by training the mind to be calmer and more in the present moment.

What gets you into the flow state? Let me know!

Jo x

If you have only just come across my website, thanks for being here! I am a maternity reflexologist focusing on positive birth preparation. Reflexology can support you throughout pregnancy and may help you to find your flow by enabling you to access a deep state of relaxation, reducing tension, stress and anxiety throughout body, mind and spirit. When you are tense or stressed, its more difficult to make decisions and take action which is so important for a positive empowered birth.

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